XCR3032-10PC44C Programmable Logic,Programmable Logic DevicesEE PLD, 13ns, CMOS, PQCC44, PLASTIC, LCC-44DataSheet
Details Information
Aisa Part#: A92-XCR3032-10PC44C
Manufacturer Part #: XCR3032-10PC44C
Product Category: Programmable Logic,Programmable Logic Devices
Manufacturer: XILINX
Package Type: XI-2017
CAD Model:
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  • Pin Count: 44
  • Clock Frequency-Max: 57 MHz
  • Operating Temperature-Max: 70 °C
  • Supply Voltage-Max: 3.6 V
  • Supply Voltage-Min: 3 V
  • Surface Mount: YES
  • Package Code: QCCJ
Functional compatible component(3) Form,Package,Functional compatible component(3)
Mfr. Part # Mfr. Description Compare
Programmable Logic
Xilinx EE PLD, 10ns, 32-Cell, CMOS, PQCC44 XCR3032-10PC44C vs PZ3032I10A44
Programmable Logic
Xilinx EE PLD, 12.5ns, CMOS, PQCC44, PLASTIC, LCC-44 XCR3032-10PC44C vs XCR3032-10PC44I
Programmable Logic
NXP Semiconductors EE PLD, 17ns, PQCC44, PLASTIC, SOT-187-2, LCC-44 XCR3032-10PC44C vs PZ3032-10A44
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